John is blessed to have his progeny as team members assisting him deliver outcomes and innovations created to assist in the evolution of alternative currency. 

They are all socially responsible  professionals with a background and passion for supporting their community.

Rhiannon Bunting

Corporate professional, passionate volunteer and honoured Rotary member.

Rhiannon holds a Diploma of Business, a Bachelor of Communications Degree and commenced her working career at Deloitte.

A natural leader and goal-driven professional, she has executed an array of high tier corporate projects for many nationally acclaimed Australian companies.

Tylor Bunting

Dedicated mentor, accomplished athlete, charity fundraiser and technology wizard.

Tylor holds a Diploma of Business and a Bachelor of Information Technology Degree and commenced his working career with Ernst & Young.

Tylor is also a praised keynote speaker, award-winning AIME mentor and often competes in sporting events to raise money for various charities.

Selena Bunting

Community advocate, philanthropist and young entrepreneur.

Selena holds a Diploma of Business, Diploma in Social Media Marketing and Certificate Two in Mandarin and commenced her working career as a Social Media and Marketing Executive at  21/7.