The comments and testimonials displayed below date back to 1989 and provide an insight into Johns character and ability to communicate, motivate and educate others in the inherent benefits of using alternative currency.

John appreciates the kind words expressed below and guarantees to always be there for those seeking assistance.  



"Thank you, John Bunting, for introducing me to triangulation trading, and for showing how co-operation rather than competition leads to success" (Extract from John's Attridge's book, "Business Blunders and Bloody Great Ideas". Published 2021)

John Attridge CTB
Founder/Director BBX UK., One of the forefathers of alternative currency in Australia. (33 years participation in the alternative currency space)


"John, it was a honour to eventually meet you. We see you as one of the fathers of our industry and it was great to see you are back in the great place of trading digital currencies and helping small business." (25/06/2021) 

Tony Weise
Qoin Governor, Director Bartercard. (Tony is a driving force in the evolution of alternative currency innovations)


"John, I know you are a legend in the industry! I look forward to having you involved as I think you can add massive value.(07/03/2022)

Justine Oakhill 
Qoin, Chief Operating Officer, 27 Years with Bartercard/Qoin. (A lifetime of commitment to the evolution of alternative currency.)


Gold Coast City Council

International Business Exchange (IBEX)

John P. Craig (IBEX Franchise)

Australian Business & Fax Directory

Bradington Publications

Brisbane Trade Exchange

Panorama Resort (Bay Of Islands, NZ)

Seair Trading Co.

Industrial First Aid Service

Perter Edwin (BBX Trade Broker)

Peter Taylor (Bartercard/Itex Associate Broker)

Promo Publications

UK Barter


“Thank you for a fascinating journey into the world of reciprocal trading. I just want to learn so much more.”

Marlene Hughes

Insurance Agent

"John provided me with a great level and understanding of the concept"

Terry Johnson

Small Business Owner

“Very good insight on the concept. John is also very motivating, inspirational and thorough.”

Sharon Thornett

Business Operator

“Thank you for sharing your years of experience and knowledge on reciprocal trade. Gave me more confidence to talk to our clients.

Vyonne Winata 

(Broker) Barter Trading Group

"I thank John very much for transferring this knowledge… in a frank and logical manner"

Dillon Davis

CTO at Behand

“Excellent information, enthusiastically and effectively presented."

David Gill

This Month CC

“Having no knowledge on trade prior to this seminar. I feel John was able to cover most of my queries, leaving me with no questions!”

Robert Celano

(General Manager) Aztec Group

"Total barter learning experience!"

AL Glass 

(Broker) Barter Trading Group

“The most powerful motivator in the barter industry.”

George Liem

(Director) Barter Trading Group

“Thank you for sharing your years of experience and knowledge on reciprocal trade. Gave me more confidence to talk to our clients.

Vyonne Winata 

(Broker) Barter Trading Group

""Thanks - you have shown me there are many questions I have not even thought about, and many opportunities to seek out."

Jonathan McCorriston

The Blind Work

“John is an inspirational mentor. He makes me realise that it is how you view trade and the position of businesses in today's economic environment that will determine these businesses that will be successful."."

Gail Rooney

Business Operator

“The knowledge and techniques of essential points and professionalism; highly motivational.”

Gordon Brook 

(Broker) Barter Trading Group

"Reinforced the need to be ever more innovative. Thanks for an enjoyable, enthusiastic and importantly valuable night!"

Terry Smallwood

Supa-Chem (Aust) Pty Ltd,