"Business Should Be Fun"

John guarantees to teach you more about the profitable use of alternative currencies such as Bartercard, BBX, Qoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP, and how to use them to: 
>> Out Sell
>> Out Smart
>> Out Produce
>> Out Manoeuvre...and totally
>> Out Perform your competitors, than any other party in Australasia. 

Changing Times

The use of alternative currency by the brands displayed below attests to its market acceptance as a strategy to gain a competitive advantage. The reasons why they use alternative currency vary depending on their marketing philosophy, objectives and/or circumstances, as each strategy has different features and benefits of use. Some use alternative currency as an added value reward to retain/gain fiat ("Cash") paying customers and others use alternative currency as a payment method to reduce purchasing, borrowing and operating costs. 

The More You Learn, the More You Earn

John is recognised by many as Australasia's leading authority in the creation and use of alternative currency as an added value reward to retain/gain fiat ("Cash") paying customers and/or a payment method inducement strategy to reduce purchasing, borrowing and operating costs and/or improve asset base. 

History of Alternative Currency in Australia 

In 1989 John and his childhood friend Gary Karena with the added financial backing of Gary's brother Keith Karena, introduced the Reciprocal Trade Industry to Australia through the establishment of the country's first commercial computerised barter/trade exchange, the Australian Contra Bank.

Members of the Contra Banc used a complementary alternative currency as a method of payment and unit of account to record sales and purchases.

The founders of Bartercard, BBX and BBX UK, where all either members, brokers or licensees of the Contra Banc.

The introduction of the internet saw another step forward in the evolution of commerce and complementary currency, like fiat currency then became digital. Today thousands of businesses and individuals worldwide use alternative currencies as a method of payment.

Articles in the media displayed below record that monumental Australian event.