John was introduced to the use of complimentary currency through his membership in a Barter/Trade Exchange in New Zealand in 1982.

In 1983 he commenced study and research into the management and use of these style of programs in the USA and Canada.

In 1989 he and his life long friend Gary Karena were responsible for the inception of the Reciprocal Trade Industry in Australia, by establishing Australia’s first Barter/Trade Exchange, the Australian Contra Banc.

The Australian Contra Banc enabled members to use complimentary currency as an inducement to increase sales, reduce operating costs and improve bottom line profits. 

The founders of Bartercard, BBX, and BBX UK, where all either members, brokers or licensees of the Contra Banc.

Over the past 30 years John has been a presenter at many business educational seminars, webinars and workshops, in many countries and throughout Australia enlightening attendees in the any reasons why and how business operators use complimentary currency through a Barter/Trade Exchange. 

John has consulted to numerous independent operations in the commencement and operation of a Barter/Trade Exchange.  

He has also been invited to be guest speaker for various commercial business networking groups and chambers of commerce gatherings.  

John advocates the doctrines of “lassez faire” an economic doctrine that opposes governmental regulation and interference in commerce beyond the minimum necessary for a free enterprise system to operate according to its own economic law.

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