John will show you how to use your own Private Issue Paper Money and a Complementary/Digital Currency to:
Out Sell
Out Smart

Out Produce
Out Manoeuvre,….. and totally
Out Perform your competitors.  

You will learn “Outside the Box” strategies on how to optimise businesses potential through informative workshops revealing simple strategies to; 
RETAIN Gross Margins..REDUCE Operating Costs and INCREASE Cash Sales.

Johns innovative and easy to implement strategies have revolutionised FREE market thinking and will suit any business, objective and budget… even if that budget is zero $.

If you are or where a member of a Barter/Trade Exchange or just seek to learn more about the features, benefits and profitable use of Trade Dollars, Complementary/Digital Currency and/or your own Private Issue Paper Money don’t miss this opportunity. You will not be disappointed!

The following testimonials sum up the type of feedback given by attendees at Johns seminars and workshops.
“Learnt more about trade than I have learnt from practical experience in 4 exchanges over the past two years  …  also learnt how to spend down all my trade dollars.”

“Very organised, creative ideas”

▪ “What I saw and heard within a few hours, changed the whole way I look at doing business. I thank John very much for transferring this knowledge  …  in a frank and logical manner”

▪ “Motivational, inspirational and thorough”

▪ “The newly gained knowledge on trade techniques … has given us a vastly improved sense of security and confidence”

John guarantees to teach you more about the profitable use of Private Issue Paper Money, Trade Dollars, Complementary/Digital Currency and a  Barter/Trade Exchange than any party in Australasia.  

If you are not completely happy with what you learn complete and hand in the Refund Form before you leave the seminar and your investment will be returned within 14 days. You have everything to gain and nothing to loose but your time.

John holds seminars throughout Australia and New Zealand. Please complete the Contact  form to learn more.